Thursday, May 15, 2008

My shower gift

So - here is my gift for the pink and orange bridal shower...it pretty much ('scuse my french) was kick-ass if I do say so!! LOL Sometimes when I have ideas and I finish putting them together - they come out better than even anticipated - and I scare myself!!! Just who lives inside me, anyway!!! LOL OK - so here's the deal-ie-o...On the register were white towels and washcloths so that's what I got - really fluffy....So I went to the store and got a laundry basket, clothes pins, ribbon, laundry rope/line, and some odds 'n ends (an orange monogram can that I put candy in and a white and pink butterfly "puff")....I rolled the towels (and washcloth) and tied each one with this big ribbon before placing them in the basket...then in the front of the basket I put this orange plastic handled carrier and inside THAT I put some household products...also a frame with the following poem I have posted at the end of this post... then I threaded the line through the edge of the basket in the front and put the clothes pins on there - about 12 or so - and you can only see them a little through the netting...but I hot glued either pink or orange dotted or striped ribbon on each one (you can see them really well if you double click on the pic and it gets really big) ....then I wrapped the whole thing in netting or tulle, tied it with more rope and my last swig of ribbon (is swig a word? do you kwim?) and added at the top a lil bouquet I put together with orange and pink flowers....its a great presentation if I do say so myself....as JanTink on splitcoast would say - YILMS (yes, I love myself!) and in this instance - I really do!!! LOL

Here is the lil poem I wrote with the accompanying products. The poem was in a white washed decorated wood frame from Michael's...

A Marriage Poem for You

As Jen and Fred PLEDGE


with their vows, and become

married together -

let us offer them some “how”s…

When days seem long and

the sun is not near,

You must look in yourselves

for happiness and CHEER.

When work has you tired

and looking for rest,

just look to your partner

to recover your ZEST.

Find happiness and JOY ,

be content and have fun,

Remember the heart

you so eagerly won.

And if ever you find

what you feel may be trouble,

Don’t forget the loving

power of the SNUGGLE!


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vickiw said...

I just found your sight and was looking around and this poem is stinkin' cute. (pun intended)thanks for the great idea
I'll be back