Thursday, May 15, 2008

My shower card

Ok - so - with the way cool gift I had to make a way cool card....so - with the colors I had to design something myself for the background - so after getting my DDSS10 card - I thought - "perfect!" and used the shaving cream technique...I made a criss cross card - and I almost forgot to take a pic, but my friend Judy held it up for me to shoot...not the best pic - but you get it....

I used two ribbons that I used on the clothes pins on the belly band and some flowers I found in Michael's (I had a gift card that was burning a hole in my lovely purse!!) that were orange - when you find it and "its IT" you gotta go with it!! So - not all SU which is why its over here!! LOL

The only laugh I got out of this was that the card completely smelled like my grand-dad!!! I used the less expensive shave cream and forgot all about the scent! We all chuckled! I told Jenn it was a scratch and sniff card!! LOL

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