Thursday, May 15, 2008

Here is the destination wedding invite...

So this package arrives at the house - and I did not recognize the bride's last name on the package - so I made Bob open the package very far away from me (LOL)...and he says - "you're gonna be sorry you didn't open this!" And so inside is the coolest wedding invitation you have ever seen. Now I have 54 first cousins and even if I am at the bottom of the age range, I have been to may fair share of weddings. So - anywho - you open the gift box which is inside the package and you see this bright orange covering.......Next....

You see this when you open it...have you ever?!?!?!?! WAY too cool, eh? Its a real friggin star fish, man!!! WOOO HOO!!!

And then here is the inside....totally love it! And the colors of hot pink and bright orange look so cool together....who'd a thunk it?

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