Thursday, May 15, 2008

The CD crate project for my mother...

OK - so here is another (as Jantink says) YILMS* craft projects...I bought these CD crates at I believe Michael's...I didn't want them to be exactly white so Bob said, "whitewash 'em!"...wow - what a great idea honey - so I did!!! I love that man!! Anywho...I used the acrylic craft paint in white - added some spring water (lol) and swished it aound in my paint bowl....really chemically correct, eh? LOL

So here is one completely whitewashed twice - to which I had to use my emossing gun on to help dry...

Then I decorated it using craft inks - I used the retired set of the sunflower (sniff, sniff)....I colored the chipboard letters with artichoke and glued them on with a lil dab'el'do'ya of crystal effects...MAN does that stick!

So - I made one for my mom and one for Stephanie's other grandmother...... so here are two done...

Then off to Lowe's for flowers!!! So here they are on the front porch - ready to be delivered! At the dollar store, I found a 6 pack of these plastic flower things - I actually have no idea WHAT you call 'em...but you put the flower pot in this like "plate" or "bowl" so that when you water the plant the water doesn't go all over....the plastic had a lip and my friend Candy said - cut the lip off and I bet it fits....well I did and it did!! LOL Thanks Candy!!

So here is the final shot of a complete crate complete with flowers....YILMS!! LOL

* = yes I love myself!! LOL

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