Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A gift for my mamma....

Did I mention that my mom was a florist? Well, yeah...and the craftiest woman alive on the planet...one of the many many things I miss about my mom...well, anyway...her room is so disgustingly blah, that I went to Michael's and bought one of those ...well not plastic, but fake pumpkins...cut a small hole in it, placed in some Styrofoam and added the flowers and lil scare crow...I even did a relatively good job of making a florist type bow...I only watched her make hundreds and hundreds of them...I used to just wimp out and ask her to make my bows...she doesn't remember any of that anymore...I was hoping it would bring back a memory or two...like a body memory or something...like how you know to type...kwim? No luck...anyway...she thought it was pretty (got a smile from her! ...as only I can do!!!) So - I thought I would share a picture of the arrangement...I think it came out cute myself!!!


Steph said...

Excellent arrangement - your mummy would be very proud :)
OMG - you & Shelli! So she really IS that beautiful!
It seems everyone knows Natalie lol, have a fab weekend x

my5bratz said...

you're game giving flowers to a florist..lol...they're GORGEOUS :0)