Monday, October 20, 2008

A Card for a New Friend...

...at least I hope she wants to be friends!! How can she not, when I am so talented and more cards like these would be in store for her!!! LOL Yeah...my humility will astound her!! LOL NOT!! Anyway... I broke out my new "My Favorite Things" stamps for both the inside and the outside...I have done the tame versions before, but this was the first time my ink touched the "naughty stamps" - and to think the inside verse of this card is pretty tame from THOSE!! heh heh heh...SNAGGED! ...now you know how my mind REALLY thinks!

I was a just a wee little bit afraid she might take it the wrong way...but I was also pretty sure I was right on the money...my friend Heidi thinks I'm a witch since I can read people so well - but I was probably burned at the stake in Salem way back for my "knowledge"!! LOL I'd better ask Garry, my psychic!

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Susie Sugar said...

Hi Maureen, what great blogs you have , I love your cards , they are totally beautiful and lots of fun too.
Thank you for entering my blog candy .....good luck
Love Susie xx